Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100th day

We had a great day today in room 612! The kids enjoyed many different math activities and writing activities with 100!

As they walked in, they loved the door decoration.

Colin dressed up with 100 items on his shirt!

This is our 4 jars we used in a math activity (below).

We started off making our crown. Then in math with creating 100 items on a sheet of paper. They drew 25 smiley faces on 1, 25 hearts on 0, 25 squiggles on 0 and 25 stars in the background. They enjoyed this activity!

While the kids were working on this, I called them up in groups to do a guess and count activity. The kids guessed what was in 4 jars and then we counted them as a class!

On the way to specials, we took 100 steps out of our room. The kids were so focused on counting those 100 steps.

When we got back, we enjoyed a snack of pretzels and finished out 100s drawing.

After our reading sections, lunch and recess, the kids each made a sticky note with something they have learned this year.

We joined in with Mrs. Todd, Mrs. King and Mrs. Markham's class to have 100 things we have learned! Next, the kids wrote 100 words they have learned this year! Some moved to the carpet and the rest worked from their seat.

These first 100 days of school have flown by and we have learned so much already! Thank you for all your support for our class and me. 


Congrats to everyone who got an award! I am very proud of ALL 23 of you! I left my camera at school yesterday. I grabbed these pictures this morning from Mrs. Chandler. I will share some of mine later!

Today is the 100th day of school. We can't wait to share some pictures of today :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I didn't get spelling tests graded before the kids went home today. The kids are doing a great job learning their words! These are the words for the test on Thursday, Febuary 2nd.

  1. good
  2. now
  3. by
  4. around
  5. our
  6. wood
  7. took
  8. shook
  9. brook
  10. stood
  11. wooden
  12. moonlight
  13. goodness
  14. balloon
  15. bookcase

Don't forget blue and gold tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


McGruff came to visit this morning. He shared some safety tips with the students.